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Circular saws

As the inventor of the circular saw, SKIL knows what this type of saw is all about. It is the ideal choice for making fast and accurate straight cuts. Our powerful tools offer the best cutting performance, whether you need to create straight cuts, crosscuts or tackle bevel cuts. Our circular saws provide the accuracy and convenience you need.
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Advice about tool use

  • Which size circular saw to buy?

    Each circular saw is designed for a specific blade size, and only that size can be used. The blade size determines the maximum depth of cut. Make sure you choose a saw that can cut the required depth for the job you want to do. Common circular saw cutting depths are 40mm, 55mm and 66mm.
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  • What’s the difference between HSS and (T)CT saw blades?

    The most common types of circular saw blades are HSS, made of high-speed steel, and (Tungsten) Carbide Tipped, with very hard metal (HM) tooth tips.
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  • Which blade to use for which material?

    Most HSS and CT blades are intended for sawing hard and soft wood. If you want to cut non-ferrous metals (such as brass, copper or aluminium), plastics, high-pressure laminate (HPL) etc., you should buy a multimaterial blade or one designed specifically for that material. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the more teeth a blade has, the cleaner the cut will be. A blade with fewer teeth gives higher cutting speeds.
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