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<div>WE ARE POWERED BY <span style="color: #cb333b;">INNOVATION.</span></div>

From the invention of the circular saw in 1924 to the present day, SKIL continues to lead the way with a history of pioneering innovations and patented technologies.

Current Innovations

Digital Brushless Motors

The latest cutting-edge technology is embedded in the very DNA of each and every SKIL tool. Our compact, digital brushless motors deliver extra power, extra efficiency and a longer lifetime than comparable brushed motors.

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Adjustable laser

Compensating for the thickness of the saw blade, the SKIL adjustable laser provides precise alignment options, improving the quality of your projects.

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Overslide system

The saw heads of the most compact SKIL sliding mitre saw models slide over the bars, allowing you to work close to walls without the bars extending to the rear.

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X-Flow dust box

The unique X-Flow dust-collection system stands out due to its innovative method of separating dust from air, all without the need for a filter. No clogged filter means the dust suction stays powerful, until the box is full.

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Equalizer sanding frame

Achieving perfectly equalized surfaces without unwanted scratches is effortless with SKIL’s belt sander, thanks to its well-designed Equalizer frame.

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ABC automatic belt centering

With SKIL’s Automatic Belt Centering (ABC) system, the sanding belt will automatically align itself to the perfect position once the tool is switched on. It will constantly be balanced automatically, preventing the belt from running off or damaging by touching the tool housing.

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Our patented ‘KEEPCOOL™’ technology prevents batteries from overheating and improves battery performance.

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Our intelligent ACTIVCELL™ technology continuously monitors the voltage, temperature and current of the battery. Transmitting this information to the tool in real-time, it helps extract the right amount of energy from the battery for the job.

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Advanced LED light

Great visibility of your workpiece is assured by our advanced LED light with 2 modes, including torch mode and automatic shut-off function.

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Jigsaws are the most versatile saws; they can cut both straight lines and curves. And when it comes to precision work, having great visibility is important. Our 180° LED shines a bright light and makes shadows a thing of the past.

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Compact Brushless Range

Accessing those hard-to-reach tight spaces, working overhead or for an extended duration is no longer a problem, thanks to the SKIL compact brushless range. These tools are extremely compact and offer a combination of high performance, durability and an unmatched level of convenience.

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VRS+ Technology

SKIL’s advanced ‘VRS’ system reduces vibration without compromising on power or performance.

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There’s no need to restrict your SKIL batteries to the use of SKIL power tools. Our PWRASSIST™ battery and PWRASSIST™ USB adapter allow you to charge phones and tablets on the go.

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Less charging time for batteries means less downtime. Get your SKIL 20V Max PWRCORE 20™ Lithium-ion batteries powered up fast to get back to the job in a flash.

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Easy Storage

Clutter impedes performance, so each of our garden tools is designed with a space-saving Easy Storage solution.

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The time-consuming task of securing a workpiece becomes a matter of seconds, thanks to the SKIL quick clamp. The clamp maintains control while you operate the saw.

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Changing special attachments on the SKIL multi sanders 7261 and 3720 has never been easier, thanks to the Clic system. With a swift click, you can secure the attachment in place and you’re good to go.

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Rack and Pinion System

Crooked saw cuts are history, thanks to our smart rack and pinion rail, as featured on our table saws. The dual-pinion design works together to ensure easy fence adjustment and the most accurate cuts.

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Overload alert

Sanding becomes easy with our innovative Overload Alert technology, as featured on the 250W multi sander and 710W belt sander. Overload Alert indicates the precise pressure needed, allowing the sander to function as intended, allowing the tool to perform best and to maximize its durability.

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Sanding attachments

Some of our multi sanders come with special sanding attachments for reaching those hard-to-access areas. Our flexible attachment even adapts to the diameter of round shapes for the perfect finish every time.

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Circular Saw

The invention of the SKILsaw predated the founding of the company itself. This tool not only gained fame worldwide as a brand but also pioneered a new category in power tools, setting a standard and defining an entire segment in the industry.


Variable Speed Control

This feature greatly improves the tool's performance and manageability.


Automatic Belt-track Control

ABC that automatically aligns the sanding belt and ensures effortless, high quality sanding.



The Jigsaw's unique feature, which allows the blade to rotate 360 degrees, revolutionizes intricate curve cutting, enabling complex shapes to be crafted effortlessly with one hand, thereby enhancing precision and ease of use in detailed woodworking.


Reversing Mechanism

SKIL patented reversing mechanism (RBR):- provides 10% more output power in both directions -gives longer carbon brush life- conveniently placed just above switch, for right and left hand use.


Electro Mechanical Hammer

EMH made it possible to drill through any type of concrete with ease.



A range of rechargeable power tools which operate from the same type of battery, even with different voltages.


CLIC Drills

Clic mechanism for drills to facilitate drilling and changing screw bits.


CLIC Sanders

FOX sander and Octo 'Clic' mechanism that allows the sanding base to be changed without any extra tools.


Double Position Angle Grinder

Angle grinder with two switch positions to improve safety and ergonomics.


Adjustable Angle Grinder Safety Guard

No-tool adjustment of the angle grinder's safety guard.


Angle Grinder Accessory Key

Accessory key stored in the side handle (in, retracted) used to change the cutting disc (out, extended).


Reciprocating And Jigsaw Combination

The combination saw, with its adjustable handle, effortlessly functions as both a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw, offering unparalleled versatility. Its design allows easy switching between precise tasks like sawing laminate flooring and robust jobs like trimming trees, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of cutting needs.


Work Longer With 'Hybrid Power'

By connecting the charging cable to the integrated battery of the cordless drill as it nears the end of it’s battery life, you can extend your working time. This feature ensures that you can continue your tasks with minimal interruption, enhancing the drill's efficiency and your productivity.