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Overload protection

  1. Overload protection

    It might not be something you give too much thought to, but it’s important to remember that a heat gun can easily overheat. The heat is reflected back towards the gun by the piece you are working on. Fortunately, most heat guns are protected from this as otherwise they could overheat before you realise what’s happening, leading to damage.

    Most heat guns come with a thermal protection, also known as constant heat control. This mechanism controls the maximum temperature by shutting off the main heating element when the tool overheats, while the ventilator continues to work to cool down the engine. The heating element is then switched back on automatically when the normal temperature is reached. The great thing is that you don’t notice anything, so you can just carry on working.

    Some heat guns come with an electronic control to ensure a constant temperature. This overheating protection is controlled automatically, so you can even use small diameter nozzles for various soldering, desoldering and welding jobs. The electronics control the maximum temperature by automatically reducing the temperature when the tool starts to overheat, without you even noticing.