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Which attachment to use for the job

  1. Which attachment to use for the job

    Numerous grinder discs and attachments exist for specific applications. Just some of the most common ones are shown. Always read the instructions on the accessory packaging very carefully before working, discs that look similar might be intended for other materials and applications.
  2. 1) Cutting wheel for metal, for example to cut bars, rods and bolts.
  3. 2) Cutting wheel for stone and concrete.
  4. 3) Cutting wheel for tiles.
  5. 4) Grinding wheel, for example to sharpen cutting edges and blades.
  6. 5) Wire cup brush to clean metal.
  7. 6) Wire wheel to remove paint from metal surfaces.
  8. 7) Flap wheel for polishing.
  9. 8) Different sanding discs for wood and metal.