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Special sanding attachments

  1. Special sanding attachments

    A whole host of attachments are available for multi sanders. Here are some of the most commonly used attachments:
  2. 1) Revolving delta tip attachment

    You can use this attachment to sand corners and edges, on a window frame, say.

  3. 2) Flexible attachment

    A flexible attachment is especially useful when sanding all sorts of rounded surfaces.

  4. 3) Finger-shaped attachment

    This handy attachment allows you to use a multi sander in narrow spaces and other hard-to-reach places.

  5. 4) Attachment for Venetian blinds

    This attachment is specially designed to sand Venetian blinds or ‘Louvre’ windows.

  6. 5) Other

    Lots of other attachments are available. With curved, triangular and flat attachments a multi sander can also be used to sand grooves and edges.

  7. All told this versatile tool is suitable for sanding not only large surfaces, corners and edges, it’s also ideal for hard-to-reach and hard-to-sand surfaces you previously had to sand by hand.