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Reciprocating saws are true problem solvers. With their inline design and extending blade, they are also capable of cutting in narrow spaces, for example cutting pipes and beams, but also pruning branches. These tools are the best at fast cutting through a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastics and aluminium. Skil reciprocating saws and tackle any challenge with power and low vibration. Find out which saw is the right tool for the right job. 
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Advice about tool use

  • How to get an optimal sawing performance

    Let the saw do the work for you. Applying too much forward pressure will reduce the speed of the blade, resulting in a lower working speed.
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  • How to use variable speed on a recip saw.

    A speed dial wheel – if your recip saw has one – lets you adjust the sawing speed for different materials. Generally, a high speed is used for fast cutting or softer materials such as wood, composite materials and plastics. A slow speed is generally used for more precise cutting, or for harder materials such as sheet metal, conduit and pipe.
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  • What is the orbital setting on recip saws meant for?

    If the reciprocating saw has an orbital setting, it makes the blade follow a circular movement which enables you to saw even faster in a straight line. More orbital action gives faster sawing. The less orbital action you use, the more accurate your cut.
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