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  1. How can you stop the blades from getting blunt too quickly?

    While most planing blades are reversible and can be used on both sides, it’s obviously a good idea to make sure the blades remain sharp for as long as possible.
  2. It’s important to remove all screws, nails and other objects from your workpiece before you get started. Not only for the sake of safety, but also to avoid damaging the blades. Before starting, ensure nothing is obstructing the blades along the planing path and remove any wood splinters that are caught up in the tool.
  3. We also advise you to wait until the blades have stopped completely before putting the electric planer down. Revolving blades can grip the surface, which not only makes the planer harder to control, but can also damage the blades and the workpiece.
  4. Oh, and one last thing: check whether the electric planer you’re thinking about buying has a parking foot. This protects both the planer and the workpiece after use.
  5. Incidentally, it’s advisable to replace blunt blades as soon as possible. See the video to see how you do this.