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How to use a paddle mixer?

  1. How to use a paddle mixer?

    A paddle mixer is used to mix materials like mortar, cement plaster, tile adhesive and paint. A hammer drill can also mix small quantities of liquids, but it’s not designed for continual mixing. Mixing with a hammer drill is much more tiring, too, because you have to apply a lot of force. So, we recommend you use a paddle mixer for mixing jobs.

    Various types of paddle mixer are available. Before you buy, consider whether you want a paddle mixer for light or heavy work. Specifications like wattage, RPM and maximum mixing capacity are important factors in this decision. Other functions such as adjustable speed and an electronic soft start ensure extra convenience when mixing.

    Depending on the mixing paddle, a paddle mixer can be suited to all kinds of mixing jobs. Find out here which mixing paddle you need for your job.