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Good maintenance is important to keep your home in good shape and to make sure everything stays neat and attractive. And for wood and metal surfaces it’s important to carry out maintenance from time to time. Maintenance often looks more difficult than it really is. But if you follow our simple step-by-step instructions, your wooden door and window frames will look like new again!

  • How to paint wooden window frames

    Wooden window frames will last a lot longer if the wood is well protected against damp and sunlight. Paint and varnish don’t just protect against damp…
  • How to repair a wooden window frame

    It’s easy to repair a wooden window frame so that it will last for years. After filling, sanding and painting, the window frame will look like new.
  • How to maintain gutters

    A good rain gutter keeps water away from the walls and foundations, and prevents walls from being affected by rising damp.
  • How to replace a kitchen tap

    If you need to install a new kitchen tap because the old one is worn out or leaking, or if you just want a tap with a new look, it’s easy to replace…
  • How to replace a shower tap

    If your old shower tap needs to be replaced, it’s a simple job to do it yourself.
  • How to fix a sticking door or window

    Sticking doors or windows are a frequent complaint. The question is whether the door or window only sticks when the weather changes. Because in rainy weather…