Circular saw

  1. How to get an optimal sawing performance

    We advise you to factor in the following considerations to ensure you get optimal results with your circular saw:

    • Place the nicer side of the workpiece facing down to minimise splintering
    • Mark out a sawing line on your workpiece
    • Only use sharp blades of the right type and remember: the more teeth there are, the finer the results
    • Set the sawing depth to ensure that the blade doesn’t extend more than 3mm under the workpiece
    • Set the right mitre corner, if desired
    • Test the settings on a piece of waste material
    • Make sure the saw is operating at its top speed before guiding the tool into the workpiece (the protective cap will open automatically)
    • Applying too much forward pressure will reduce the speed of the blade, which will slow your work down
    • Use a parallel guide to get a precise cut along the edge of a workpiece 
    • Don’t lift the circular saw away from the workpiece until the blade has completely stopped