Any tool. Any task. One battery.
The 12V PWRCore 12™ battery packs hand you optimal flexibility. The battery packs are engineered to perform and designed to fit all PWRCore 12™ tools, meaning a single battery can power all.
PWRCore 12™: THE flexible battery system
PWRCore 12™ tools come with and without batteries, which gives you the flexibility to add more tools to your range based on the battery and charger you bought previously.
Keep Cool™: Our coolest innovation yet!
All PWRCore 12™ batteries offer superior Lithium-Ion technology and have the 'Keep Cool™' battery technology which cools the battery cells to prevent them from overheating, which increases the run time by up to 25% and doubles the battery lifetime! Battery-packs 2101 and 2102 have an USB port that can be used to charge your electronic devices.
Compact brushless power
If you are looking for compact cordless tools for tough projects, our 12V brushless tools are what you want. Brushless motors are faster and more powerful than brushed motors of comparable dimensions and they have a much longer life.
More efficient
Brushless motors don’t have any brushes. This generates no friction, so the motor runs more efficiently. While working, the tool is clearly faster and more powerful than tools of a comparable size with a brushed motor. Another long-term advantage is that the motor is less liable to wear.
PWRJump™ charger
With the 12V PWRJump™ charger you’ll give your battery, and your project, a head start. Your battery is charged up to 25% in just 5 minutes, so it can provide enough power for driving up to 100 screws (with a 2.0Ah battery). The PWRJump™ charger only needs 45 minutes to fully charge your 2.0Ah PWRCore 12™ batteries and 90 minutes for your 4.0Ah PWRCore 12™ batteries.
Tools you can trust
We are so certain of the high quality of our brushless tools that they come with a five-year warranty. You also get a three-year warranty on the included Keep Cool™ batteries.