Big in performance. Compact in storage.
SKIL’s 20V garden tools are smarter, faster and more powerful than ever. It’s never been easier to get your garden jobs done. And they are designed to take up minimal storage space. We have a tool for every job in the garden.
Every tool. Every job. One battery.
Say Hi! to the SKIL Energy Platform. You only need a single battery for all the tools in the flexible Energy Platform line. This powerful battery incorporates Keep Cool™ technology to prevent overheating, extend runtime by 25% and double battery lifetime.
Space-saving storage
SKIL’s small garden tools come with a handy ‘Easy Storage’ hook so you can hang them on the wall. And they are designed to take up minimal storage space. No clutter!
SKIL brushless cordless lawnmower
The powerful SKIL 0130 and 0140 lawnmowers are powered by an electric motor without carbon brushes, making them stronger, faster than ever and last longer. The integrated SKIL Grass Guide helps you mow along edges and walls, and the ergonomic options reduce back and arm strain.
SKIL cordless grass trimmers
Trimming without limits thanks to the 0230 (25 cm blade), 0240 (30 cm blade) and 0250 (33 cm blade) grass trimmers from SKIL. Packed with useful innovations such as Twist Load for feeding the wire without having to completely disassemble the spool, and powerful enough for trimming large areas.
SKIL cordless hedge cutters
Cutting your hedge or shrub has never been easier thanks to SKIL hedge cutters. The diamond-ground carbon steel blades cut through branches of up to 20 mm with ease. With a blade of no less than 55 cm (model 0430) or 50 cm (model 0429) you can cut large areas in a single motion. This will save you time for other things.
SKIL brushless cordless leaf blower
Clear up dry and wet leaves in no time with the SKIL 0330 leaf blower. The large tube diameter and axial ventilator generate a high air volume and air speed up to 160km/h. Ideal for large surface areas. The regulator wheel and reduction nozzle make it easy to regulate the airflow when working in hard-to-reach places.
The most compact cordless chainsaw in its class
Experience the brushless power of model 0534; with a 5.0 Ah battery you can make as many as 70 cuts. The compact size allows you to cut quickly and efficiently. The chain can also be changed quickly, no other tools are required for this.