Brushless: faster, stronger and lasting longer
If you are looking for a cordless solution for even the most challenging jobs, brushless tools are the way to go. Brushless motors are faster, more powerful and have a much longer life than brushed motors of a comparable size.
More efficient
Brushless motors don’t generate friction, which means they run more efficiently. Tools with brushless motors are markedly faster and more powerful than tools of a comparable size with a brushed motor. A brushless motor is less liable to wear, another long-term advantage.
Brushless motors make all the difference
To give you an idea of just how much more efficient SKIL brushless tools are, we put our model 3070 brushless cordless hammer drill and a comparable brushed tool (model 3020) head to head. Brushless model 3070 is 51% faster, 33% stronger and lasting 10x longer.
Any tool. Any task. One battery.
SKIL is adding more and more brushless tools to both its power tool and garden tool ranges. They all share the same ‘Energy Platform’ battery system, powered by our unique Keep Cool™ heat control technology.
Tools you can trust
We are so confident of the high quality of our brushless tools that they come with a five-year warranty. You also get a three-year warranty on the included Keep Cool™ batteries.