Professional tools

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  1. SKIL Masters 9955 MA Car polisher
    Versatile car polisher for all polishing jobs. The SKIL Masters 9955 is a professional car polisher… Learn Moreabout SKIL 9955 MA Car polisher
  2. SKIL Masters 9412 MA Angle grinder
    Angle grinder with full electronics and rotatable rear handle. The impressive SKIL Masters 9412 angle… Learn Moreabout SKIL 9412 MA Angle grinder
  3. SKIL Masters 9408 ME Angle grinder
    Durable angle grinder for tough cutting and grinding jobs. The durable SKIL Masters 9408 angle grinder… Learn Moreabout SKIL 9408 ME Angle grinder
  4. SKIL Masters 7720 MA Electric scraper
    Multifunctional electric scraper for fast material removal. The SKIL Masters 7720 is a powerful electric… Learn Moreabout SKIL 7720 MA Electric scraper
  5. SKIL Masters 6940 MA Electric screwdriver
    Powerful electric screwdriver with variable speed. The SKIL Masters 6940 is a powerful 520W electric… Learn Moreabout SKIL 6940 MA Electric screwdriver
  6. SKIL Masters 8007 MA Heat gun
    Powerful, electronically controlled SKIL Masters heat gun with four nozzles. The SKIL Masters 8007 is a… Learn Moreabout SKIL Masters 8007 MA Heat gun
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