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  1. Various chuck types for cordless screwdrivers and cordless drills

  2. 1) A keyed chuck

    Place regular drill bits into the chuck, which you can then tighten or loosen with a key. The key allows you to securely tighten the drill bit, but this system isn’t very practical and you need to take care not to lose the key.
  3. 2) A double-sleeve keyless chuck

    You need two hands to operate a double-sleeve keyless chuck. You firmly grasp one part of the chuck with one hand, while turning the other part with the other to loosen or tighten it.
  4. 3) A single-sleeve keyless chuck

    This is the most convenient option, as it can be operated with one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold the tool or accessory.
  5. 4) An SDS chuck

    This chuck system is only available for SDS drills and only works with special SDS drill bits. These drill bits are very easy to place. If you want to drill into wood and metal with regular bits you’ll need a special ‘SDS+’ adapter.
  6. 5) Hex connection

    Cordless screwdrivers are generally equipped with a six-sided (hexagonal) magnetic connection. The hex connection for cordless impact drivers works a little differently. You pull the chuck forward and place the accessory. You can then let go of the chuck. In both cases, you don’t need extra tools to attach the accessories.