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Hammer drill

  1. Hammer drill

    The hammer drill uses regular drill bits, and can be used for different materials such as stone, masonry, wood and metal. The only material for which an hammer drill is not suitable is concrete.
  2. SDS drill

    The SDS drill uses special SDS drill bits, and is designed for drilling in stone, masonry and especially concrete. Some SDS drills also have a chiseling function, so you can remove layers of material like concrete or cement. For drilling in materials such as wood and metal a special SDS chuck adapter is required, so regular drill bits can be used.
  3. Cordless drill

    Although these tools are ideal for screwdriving, they can also drill perfectly in wood and metal. Cordless drill with an impact function can also be used for drilling in masonry, although they are not suitable for drilling in concrete. The big advantage of these tools is their cordless freedom of movement, which is ideal when there’s no power socket close by.