Give moss its marching orders
The SKIL 0701 is the ideal tool for raking or scarifying your lawn.
Efficient and effective
Controlling a manual lawn raker takes a lot of effort; the SKIL 0701 on the other hand removes moss quickly and conveniently. And while an unwieldy lawn raker can often be hard to manoeuvre, the lightweight SKIL ‘Moss extractor’ gives you lots of freedom of movement. Very convenient when you need to work around outdoor equipment and flowerbeds.
Fast results: 50m² in 25 minutes
‘Moss extractor’ – the name says it all: this tool removes moss from your lawn efficiently. And fast: it can easily cover 50m² in just 25 minutes.
Durable, flexible blades

The SKIL 0701 lawn raker comes with durable, flexible cutting blades. They don’t rust and they cannot become blunt. And anyway, they’re really easy to replace, if needed. They come in a standard size, so they are widely available. All told, then, these durable cutting blades have a host of advantages over metal blades.

‘Easy Storage’

This lawn raker is part of the ‘Urban Series’ of practical, space-saving garden tools from SKIL. The SKIL 0701 lawn raker comes with an ‘Easy Storage’ rail, which allows you to hang it on the wall after use, saving valuable space.

If you have a lawn, you’re likely to have experienced moss forming. Moss often grows on lawns, which is not only bad for grass growth, it’s unsightly, too. SKIL explains how you can rake or scarify your lawn and prevent moss forming in the first place.