Jan. 2011 - New Skil router is highly versatile and ergonomic to use for excellent woodworking results

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  • Model 1840 is the quick and easy way to make grooves, rebates, bevels, edges, profiles and many more special cuts and shapes

Skil Europe, manufacturer of portable electrical power tools, is introducing a powerful new router with a wide range of features that make it easy for DIY users to get excellent woodworking results. Model 1840’s ergonomic operation, for example with comfortable adjustable handles, variable speed and a stable aluminium footplate, allows easy, accurate control of the router for every job. The new model 1840 router will be available from January 2011 onwards.

Convenient, accurate operation for most router jobs

A Skil router is a portable tool used to make specialty cuts and shapes on the edge or in the surface of wood. The router accepts a wide range of bits, each designed for a specific cut shape. It can be used for cutting grooves and rebates, shaping, beveling, making profiles and decorative cutting. Model 1840 has a powerful 1300 Watt motor for fast handling of larger cutting jobs. The fine depth adjustment with a clear, graduated scale ensures accurate results every time.

Comfortable, ergonomic operation

Making the router comfortable to use has been achieved through model 1840’s ergonomic design. The two side handles can be adjusted to the user’s preferred working position, and the handles have a comfortable soft grip covering. A built-in dust suction adapter for connection to a standard vacuum cleaner hose keeps the working environment clean, and together with the integrated spotlight allows unobstructed workpiece visibility.

Quick, easy bit change with spindle lock

Changing the cutting bit is quick and easy, thanks to the quick-action spindle lock and the flat-top design which allows the router to be upturned on a flat surface. The tool is stable and smooth in use thanks to the broad aluminium footplate. Exactly the right speed can be selected for cutting and shaping jobs in different materials with the handy variable speed adjustment wheel.

Ready to use with complete package of accessories

The model 1840 router is supplied as a complete set with a package of relevant accessories so users can start using the tool straight out of the box. These include 1 straight bit or 3 different shaped bits (depending on the execution), 2 collets (bit holders), a copy ring, a rip fence, a curve buffer, a centering ring and a wrench for bit changing.


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